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GH_ 4_23_14 - AJ’s Funeral





* Sean Kanan returns to Bold And The Beautiful. More about that within the link. * “General Hospital” is casting for the ongoing and recurring role of a good hearted, rebellious eight-year-old girl. Actresses must be able to deal with a large amount of dialogue, must have light colored hair.

 * Rumor has it that a “General Hospital” actress spilled the beans that Michelle Stafford will be headed to the show as Nina. * Bruno Amato appears as a gun dealer who is interrogated by Anna and Dante.

 * SOD reported that “General Hospital” has a casting call out for a “Hispanic. 27-33. Beautiful, passionate, dynamic. Originally from Mexico. She has come to Port Charles to pursue a career in medicine.” The role is recurring but actresses need to be open to the possibility of a contractual role. Taping begins in May. Ron Carlivati tweeted that it’s not a Sabrina recast.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carlos Confesses What He Knows As Sonny Learns About Luke’s Connection To Julian?

Two of the biggest remaining secrets in Port Charles could be exposed on General Hospital. Ava (Maura West) and Sonny’s (Maurice Bernard) secrets concerning A.J.’s (Sean Kanan) death appeared to die with A.J., but now that Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) is in police custody, that could change. He doesn’t want to go down for a crime he didn’t commit, and despite Ava’s threats that she might hurt Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) if he blabs, he might be tempted to just tell Anna (Finola Hughes) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna).

"Why were you after A.J. Quartermaine?" Anna asks Carlos in a preview clip for the Friday, April 18 episode.

Carlos Becomes A Suspect In A.J.’s Death?

While he is being questioned by the police, Ava is frantically hoping to find out where he is so she can convince him not to confess.

"Why the hell haven’t you called me back?" she asks as she tries calling him once again.

Meanwhile, Luke’s (Anthony Geary) big secret about being Julian’s (Michael Devry) financial backer could be exposed to Sonny when Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) goes to tell him what he overheard in the shed at Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Britt’s (Kelly Thiebaud) engagement party.

"Uncle Sonny, it’s me, answer the door," Spencer says in the preview clip.

However, Sonny is still being haunted by his guilty conscience over A.J.’s murder and won’t be up to seeing Spencer.

"Go Away!" he yells in the clip.

General Hospital airs Monday-Friday at 2 p.m. on ABC.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Menaces Sabrina and Her Baby – Carlos Rats To Franco – Spencer In Danger From Luke

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Menaces Sabrina and Her Baby – Carlos Rats To Franco – Spencer In Danger From Luke










General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Menaces Sabrina and Her Baby – Carlos Rats To Franco – Spencer In Danger From Luke


General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Menaces Sabrina and Her Baby - Carlos Rats To Franco - Spencer In Danger From Luke

General Hospital fans are still in shock after all of the crazy events that have taken place over the course of the last few weeks. In the week of April 21st-25th the residents of Port Charles will be feeling the fall out of some of those events, especially Sonny Corinthos.

As the week goes on Sonny will continue to be haunted by AJ’s ghost and his guilty conscious. It doesn’t help that everyone in town is preparing for AJ’s funeral. Ava becomes paranoid that Sonny is going to confess and pleads with him not to do anything drastic. Little does Ava know, amateur detective Franco has been doing some sleuthing of his own. Next week Franco will befriend Carlos and get him to open up about the shooting. By the end of next week Franco and Carly will know the truth about Ava, and they decide to fill Port Charles police officer Anna in on what they know. Ava may not get out of this unscathed after all.

Ava and Sonny aren’t the only General Hospital characters that find themselves in trouble next week. Nikolas’s son Spencer has taken matters into his own hands. He knows Luke is up to no good and decides to call him out on it. Next week GH fans will find out just how evil the new Luke is, will he go as far as to harm Spencer? Spencer isn’t the only one in Port Charles that has their eye on Luke though. Ned will continue to pressure his Mom Tracy into reconsidering marrying Luke, he knows she is making a huge mistake.

Also next week on General Hospital, Patrick and Sabrina’s baby will be at risk when she has a complication with her pregnancy. And, Morgan feels betrayed when he realizes Ava isn’t the person that he thought she was.

Do you think that Franco and Carly will finally be able to prove that Ava was involved in Connie and AJ’s death? Do you think that Carlos tells Franco everything, or is he still being loyal to Ava – after all she did threaten Sabrina’s baby? Could Sabrina’s pregnancy complication somehow be related to Carlos ratting Ava out? We hear that there will be a car accident leading to danger for Sabrina and her unborn child – and guess who is responsible for the ‘accident?’ Yep, you guessed it, Ava! We have seen that Ms. Ava is one tough and ruthless customer – nobody is safe when Ava is crossed or feels threatened.

Do you think Luke will harm Spencer? Later today, April 20, we will be running a huge feature post on Luke and his imposter – we will analyze who this fake Luke – call him ‘Fluke’ – really is.

















Perkie’s Observations: The Walls Close in on Carlos on General Hospital

Perkie’s Observations: The Walls Close in on Carlos on General Hospital

Ned has the pre-nup papers ready to be signed, but Tracy says Luke doesn’t have to sign them. Ned wants proof Luke isn’t after his mother’s money.

Tracy says Luke was hurt by the suggestion. She feels they’ve bonded. Luke doesn’t care about the money. Ned is certain Luke played his mother.

Sonny continues to be haunted by AJ. Olivia arrives to pick up her things. Sonny apologizes, but continues to refuse to tell her what’s wrong.

Morgan sees the article about Carlos being arrested and questions Ava. She claims Carlos takes orders from Julian.

Morgan questions their relationship. Ava says she loves him. She asks about his feelings for Kiki. Morgan still feels for his ex, but loves her mother.

Carly is convinced Ava is involved with Sonny shooting AJ. Her hunch grows when she learns Carlos has been arrested.

Carly decides she needs to talk to Carlos, despite Franco’s objections. Carly doesn’t trust Ava and wants the truth.

Anna asks why Carlos would go after AJ. He denies being at the mansion. Anna shows him the DNA report. Anna wants to know if the Jeromes sent him to the Quartermaines.

Luke stops by Kiki’s. He asks her why she told Tracy their little secret. Luke says Kiki wants him for herself.

He grabs her. Kiki quickly defends herself, kicking Luke and throwing him out.

Kiki calls Morgan. He promises to deal with Luke.

Spencer tells his driver to take him to Sonny’s. When he gets to the door, he overhears Sonny screaming at AJ’s ghost to leave.

Olivia tells Carly something is wrong with Sonny. Even though he isn’t acting like himself, he can’t treat her the way he has.

The two enter Franco’s room to find he’s painted all over the walls. Olivia insists on calling the police.

Carly questions why Franco would do this. He tells her he wants to get arrested in order to speak to Carlos in lock-up.

Diane arrives in time to stop Carlos from telling Anna anything. Carlos admits to Diane he broke into the mansion.

Ava calls and warns Carlos to deny everything. Carlos tells her they have his DNA at the scene. He has to cooperate.

Ava tells him he’ll be sorry. Carlos feels safe in police custody. Ava says she can get to Sabrina.

Luke arrives, as Ned is reminding his mother of Luke’s past. Ned warns Luke against hurting Tracy.

Luke threatens Ned in return. If he tries to stop the wedding, he’ll kill him.

Spencer arrives and tells Luke he knows everything.

gh spoilers

Week of April 21:

Monday April 21:

 Michael turns to Sonny for comfort over AJ’s death.

 Spencer confronts Luke about what he knows.

 Patrick is taken aback when Sabrina shows up at Emma’s dance recital.

Tuesday April 22:

 Franco attempts to bond with Carlos.

 Ned tries to warn Tracy about Luke.

 Emma reacts to Patrick and Sabrina’s disconcerting news.

Wednesday April 23:

 Port Charles gathers to pay their respects to AJ.

 Franco persuades Carlos to share info about Ava.

 Patrick, Emma and Sabrina are put in a frightening position.

Thursday April 24:

 Anna and Nathan assess the aftermath of a dire situation.

 Franco fills Carly in on Carlos’s admission.

 An impassioned Ava begs the tortured Sonny to not admit his guilt.

Friday April 25:

 Morgan faces the ultimate betrayal.

 Sabrina and Patrick’s baby may be at risk.

 Carly and Franco decide to tell Anna about Carlos’s revelation.



GH: New Faces

Rumorville:  Patrick gets word from Robin. Disbelieving, Patrick calls Robin, and she surprisingly confirms her intentions. Patrick decides he needs to move on.

Regarding the casting call for a the part of a female character from Mexico (see  GH News) , it looks like model/actress/designer Gabriela Dias may be in the running for the part.

An old boyfriend of Serena’s will show up in town for a bit (he is from Europe), but she is ready to move on with Morgan.

Looking more certain that the casting call on our GH News page is indeed for the role of Nina.

It seems GH has a new casting call out for a 19-20 year old male, heavy recurring or contract. (This could be Nina’s son). He has a history with both Kailey and Dr. Obrecht.GH: Suspicions

Rumorville:  Ned shares his suspicions about Luke with Alexis.

Alexis wonders about the connection between Luke and Julian.

TJ rips into Molly when she wonders if his mother could be involved in illegal activities.

Scott and Bobbie begin to date. Lucy’s girls are thrilled. When the reality of her matchmaking hits, Lucy is left dealing with her feelings.

Ned reaches out to Jenny Eckert and an old enemy (Paul Hornsby who returns with Ned to Port Charles in pursuit of the truth).

In some ways Maxie reminds Nathan of Nina.

Sonny learns that Ava killed Connie and framed AJ! Since Ava knows that Sonny killed AJ, they wed to ensure neither can testify against each other. Surprisingly, real feelings begin to develop.

Has Stefan been kept at the Swiss clinic?

Is it possible that Nina’s baby (a son) is alive?  Is this the same bad boy that Kailey calls to come to Port Charles?  The two may have been raised together.GH: A Few Tidbits

Rumorville:  Looks Ava tries to convince Carlos to confess to killing AJ…and succeeds!  (Does Ava threaten Sabrina in some way to get him to cooperate?)

After Ava and Sonny get intimate, Sonny promises it will never happen again, but you know what they say about promises…

"Luke" wants Julian to cut ties with those closest to him, including Alexis.

As mentioned previously, Ned will set out to prove that Bill Eckert is still alive, but it seems that “Luke” has covered his tracks well…and instead Ned comes up with proof that Bill is indeed GH: A Changed Man

Rumorville:  Ric is Liz’s date to the Nurses’ Ball.

Felicia steps in to help Lucy with her numerous costume changes during the Ball.

Lucy may succeed in her attempts to get Scott and Bobbie to date.

Morgan leans on Serena after Sonny and Ava get together.

"Luke" injects Sonny with the same medication that Madeline used on Nina, which causes Sonny to become comatose.

With the resources of Sonny’s mob under her control, Ava wages a war on Julian’s organization.

(Recast) Jason returns to Port Charles, a changed man in many ways. Supposedly, he now has memories of both Jason Morgan and his past as Jason Quartermaine (but they are all mixed up).  Look for rage and out of control emotions similar to what we saw after his initial brain injury years ago - making for a colder and lethal combination - to be on full display.  He will be lashing out at everyone. Although both Michael and Monica hope to help him regain control, Monica wants to ensure that Jason Quartermaine returns for good—especially now that Sonny is out of the picture.

This “Luke” is not receptive to Helena’s schemes.

When a recast Dillon returns to town, he is stunned to find his father, Paul Hornsby in Port Charles.

Sneak Peek: Week of April 21st

This week on General Hospital, one night changes lives forever and the unthinkable happens at AJ’s funeral.
Will Carlos protect Ava?
How will Emma react to the new baby news?
The unthinkable happens at AJ’s funeral. 

How will Ric take Liz’s new living situation?

Two Port Charles residents fight for their lives.

Britt is in hot water again. What is she suspected of now?

Recap: GH Week of April 14th

Recap: GH Week of April 14th

Lies and scandal galore this week on General Hospital.  Dante and Lulu confront Obrecht about their remaining embryo. Obrecht claims that she has the embryo and will tell them where to find it- on one condition. She and Britt must be guaranteed full immunity from prosecution.  Lulu questions Britt about whether Obrecht could be telling the truth about the embryos. Britt tells Lulu she knows nothing but never saw the embryos destroyed so it could be possible.

Nikolas asks Liz to recover at Wyndemere. She accepts his offer and Britt is not happy. She accuses Liz of moving in fast on her ex-fiancé. Spencer is furious when Nikolas tells him that Cameron and Liz are moving in. Nikolas lectures him and eventually he offers Cameron one of his Cadbury Creme Eggs. At the PCPD Madeline finally comes clean with Nathan, revealing that not only is she not his mother but he has another sister, Britt. To make his day even better, Nathan comes home to Maxie asking him to move out. He soon finds out that Levi put her up to it.

Patrick promises Sabrina that he will be there for her and the baby. Carlos is not happy about this and tells Sabrina that he will be there when she gets hurt again. Later, Patrick and Sabrina find out that they are having a boy! Luke is up to his usual antics and convinces Tracy to forgo the pre-nup agreement before the wedding. He finds Kiki and yells at her for telling Tracy that he hit on her. Kiki knees him where it hurts and throws him out.

Jordan has her first day of work at Ava’s gallery. She quickly tells Julian that she is wise to his drug operation and wants in. Shawn finds out about a drug shipment and is suspicious of Jordan’s involvement. Meanwhile, Sonny is being haunted by a vision of AJ who taunts him to the point on insanity. Spencer has overheard Luke’s plan against Sonny tries to warn his uncle. Sonny is busy yelling at AJ to go away and Spencer thinks that Sonny is talking to him and leaves.

Carlos has been taken into the police station after an arms dealer identified him. When Carly sees that they have Carlos in custody for AJ’s shooting, she realizes that she needs to find a way for Carlos to reveal what he knows about Ava. Being the great boyfriend that he is, Franco gets himself arrested on purpose so that he can talk to Carlos. Ava talks to Carlos and threatens that she will hurt Sabrina and the baby if he talks.

What a week! What was your favorite moment?



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