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General Hospital spoilers or are they?

General Hospital spoilers or are they?

What can we say about GH this week and weeks to come? Will there be drama, suspense, pathos, joy, sorrow? You could say so.

What with AJ being accused of a murder he cannot remember committing. With the letters AJ also pointing to Ava Jerome. Will Anna and Dante go farther than our dear AJ? Will Liz stand by her man? I hope so. He is a tortured soul who has been ill used by many people starting with his parents, who always loved Jason more then right up to Sonny and Carly who stole his son.

What will Morgan do with the gun he found? What will happen between the star crossed lovers Michael and Kiki? Will Morgan take his anger out on AJ and Michael?

How will Sonny cope with the loss of Connie? Much angst and gritting of teeth, but never forget he always has one waiting in the wings and Olivia will be on it like white on rice!

Maxie tried to do the noble thing, but we all knew once she saw “Georgie” she would never let her go and with Spinelli knowing the truth will it be Lulu and Dante who will pay in the end. How will this affect their relationship not only with Maxie, but with each other?

Britt has finally told the truth. the baby is not Patrick’s, but her accusing Brad of being the father will lead to much truth searching. Brad and Felix will have to deal with this together. Where will that lead? Sabrina may be in for a lot of heartache once a surprise return happens. How will this affect her and Patrick?

What is with Carly being there for Franco? This woman cannot be without a man, any man for 5 minutes.

Will Derek tell the truth to Alexis and Sam? When they do find out what will it mean to Sam? We already know Alexis cannot resist the morally corrupt, so she will probably fall heard for Julian Jerome. Poor Molly!

How about Sam and Silas? An innocent kiss will lead to?

Time will tell the answers to this and more so tune in to General Hospital weekdays at 2 p.m./ est and weeknights on Soapnet at 7 and 9 p.m..

The Scoop: GH Previews for Wk of 8/25/14 by Soap Central

The Scoop: GH Previews for Wk of 8/25/14 by Soap Central

Ava invites Michael and Kiki for dinner A revelation about Luke has Ava rethinking things Julian warns Ava that it would be unwise to cross Luke Ava tries to strike a new deal Julian makes an interesting proposal to Sonny Elizabeth and Britt continue to compete for Nikolas’ attention Elizabeth makes a decision Britt offers Nathan words of encouragement Carly plans a special evening for Franco Franco learns something new about Carly Lucy reminds Scott that he has to make a choice Tracy is desperate to get word to Luke about Lulu Levi resorts to drastic measures Levi’s secrets slowly emerge A desperate Dante turns to Sonny for help Olivia tries to comfort her heartbroken son Patrick and Sam spend time together shooting pool and talking about the past Silas questions Nina about the Crichton-Clark business card found among Rafe’s things Nina manages to turn things around with Silas Silas and Nina talk about their expectations for the future Britt has some news for Nina Silas suspects that Franco might be privy to Nina’s secrets Sabrina is on the hunt for answers

Sneak Peeks for Wk of 9/1/14

Kiki is stunned by what she inadvertently overhears An identity is revealed Alexis and Julian are on each other’s minds Sabrina is bent on revenge Spencer shares a secret with Emma Determined to find Maxie and Lulu, Dante and Nathan continue searching for clues. Elsewhere, Levi takes extreme measures to ensure that they are not found and by the end of the week, a discovery is made about Levi’s past.

After receiving an order to kill Michael from Fluke, Ava invites Michael and Kiki to dinner. Following the dinner, Ava changes her strategy and proposes a new plan to Fluke.

Since both Britt and Liz know that Nik has feelings for them both, they continue to vie for his affections. Liz decides to confront Nik about stringing them along and makes a choice afterward.

Plus, Nina receives some unsettling news. Sabrina wants answers about the car accident and Sonny receives a truce request from Julian. Monday, August 25 Michael and Kiki go to Ava’s for dinner; Levi is pushed to take extreme measures; Britt and Elizabeth fight for Nikolas.

Tuesday, August 26 Kiki’s revelation leads Ava to change her strategy; a discovery shocks Dante and Nathan; Julian asks Sonny for a truce.

Wednesday, August 27 Sam and Patrick get closer; Nina makes Silas a proposition; more of Levi’s past is revealed.

Thursday, August 28 Levi gets provoked; Sabrina wants answers about the accident; Elizabeth questions Nikolas.

Friday, August 29 Ava comes up with a new scheme; Britt delivers news for Nina; Elizabeth makes a decision.

General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of August 25, 2014

General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of August 25, 2014

Torn Between Two Lovers

Week of August 25th

August 25

Nikolas is heavily on the minds of Britt and Elizabeth.  . Michael and Kiki go to Ava’s place for dinner. Levi has a problem.  I’d say he has more than one.

Dante asks Sonny for help in locating the missing Aztec jewels.

August 26

Ava changes her game plans when she learns something from Kiki.  Carly tries to make things up to Franco.

August 27

Nina has a proposal for Silas.  It’s probably that she wants to have his baby.  Sam and Patrick discuss their pasts and reach a new level of closeness. Something’s going on there. Silas wants to know about Rafe…from Nina.  He’s suspicious.

August 28

Elizabeth wants Nikolas to make a decision.  Maxie is driving Levi nuts.  I can see that if you’re not used to her, but he’s lived with her.  Anna, Dante and Nathan put Levi’s past together.  And what a past it is.

August 29

Britt talks with Nina about the possibility of her getting pregnant again.  Of course, Silas would have to sleep with her if she wants to have his baby.  Elizabeth makes a decision.  She probably isn’t going to wait around for Nikolas yet again.  Ava has a response for Faux Luke aka Fluke.

Perkie’s Observations: Nothing Says Maternal Love Like Plotting to Kill Your Daughter’s Boyfriend on General Hospital

Perkie’s Observations: Nothing Says Maternal Love Like Plotting to Kill Your Daughter’s Boyfriend on General Hospital

Sabrina is back in town and rocking a pair of jeans like nobody’s business, considering she just had a baby five minutes ago. Patrick tells her Sam has been helping him solve mysteries.

He feels he isn’t a loyal friend to Sam. He explains about Jason being alive—then “dead”—and Robin working to save him.

Patrick says he’s getting a divorce. He thinks he should tell Sam the “truth” about Jason.

Sabrina points out Sam has already grieved Jason once. She shouldn’t have to go through it again, because, really, Jason wasn’t worth it the first time around.

Nina is upset about not having a baby. She starts raging about how everyone and their dog has one. Heck, Ava has two and doesn’t even know who the baby daddy is! Rosa realizes one of the potential baby daddies is Morgan and that Nina’s wound way too tight.

Nina complains she and Silas haven’t even had sex. She swears she’ll find a way to make a baby.

Ava confides in Julian about Luke wanting her to kill Michael for being a big meanie to Tracy. Julian explains Fluke is an imposter he met in Witness Protection. He’s dangerous.

Julian warns if Ava doesn’t do what Fluke wants, he’ll probably kill Kiki as punishment — which would actually endear him to most of the viewing audience.

Carly confronts Sonny at his office on the pretext that she wants him to stay away from her. This is negated by the fact she’s in his office to tell him this…

Sonny quickly points out the obvious to her. You know there’s something wrong when Sonny is the smartest one in the room.

Sonny figures Carly wants him and kisses her. She pulls away, realizing Sonny is just making out with her so she’ll dump Franco.

Sam searches Rafe’s phone for clues. Since none of the contacts are listed: “Person Who Hired Me to Run Patrick Off The Road”, she has no answers.

Silas thinks this is all about Patrick. Sam reminds him she caught him making out with his wife. After Sam leaves, Silas finds a card with the Crichton-Clark logo among Rafe’s possessions.

Franco is all pouty, because Sonny kissed Carly. Michael and Morgan realize it just means it’s Friday.

Franco is certain nothing happened. Carly is with him now. She isn’t two-timing him with the football jock under the bleachers.

Morgan reminds everyone Sonny’s a horndog who sleeps with anyone, including Ava. Franco insists Carly is the most virtuous of virtuous women.

Ava calls Kiki and asks her to dinner. She instructs her to bring Michael. Nothing says maternal love quite like killing your daughter’s boyfriend.

Several General Hospital Villains to Return This Fall


Things are about to get very dark in Port Charles. With General Hospital soon returning to its 2 pm EST time slot in many areas across the country, the show is preparing for another change — more villains!

Executive Producer Frank Valentini gave ABC 7 Los Angeles  the scoop on the return of some of the soap opera’s most popular baddies. Said Valentini:

“There will be male and female villains returning, who are our fan favorites who will be causing problems for our friends in Port Charles.”

Which dastardly villains do you think will make a reappearance on GH this fall?


SPOILER ALERT! This page contains General Hospital SPOILERS. If you do not care to see what is coming up next on General Hospital, please do not read below. We understand that not everyone wants to read General Hospital Spoilers and would like to keep the element of surprise. However, if you are all about reading General Hospital Spoilers, please continue on and enjoy!

Silas is suspicious of Nina.

Nina is out for Ava’s baby.

Levi runs into some problems.

Levi is cornered.

Ava was ordered to kill Michael, so Ava invites her daughter and boyfriend over for dinner.

Ava plans on exposing Luke. Kiki influences her to change her strategy.

Dante goes to Sonny for information regarding the stolen Aztec jewels.

Silas questions Nina about Rafe.

Someone arrives in PC and Sam is shocked.

Maxie tests Levi’s patience.

Anna gets news of Victor Cassadine.

Emma is worried about Robin.

Robin and Jason escape the clinic but get in an accident.

Levi meets with Victor.

Anna, Dante, and Nathan put the pieces together to Levi’s past.

Sam and Patrick reach a new level of closeness.

Nina goes to Britt to discuss her pregnancy options.

Carly tries to make it up to Franco.

Liz wants Nik to decided.

Nina proposes something to Silas.

Lulu’s hormone treatments are intentionally making her sick.

Shawn and Jordan encounter a new resident of Port Charles.

Victor is livid when Robin and Jason escape.

Victor Cassadine bonds with his son, Nathan!

Dr. Obrecht doesn’t want Victor getting close to her son, Nathan.

Ric is alive and Molly knows it and keeps it a secret.

Some people of Port Charles run into a stranger that seems all too familiar.

Franco gives Ava what she wants when it comes to Sonny.

Ava has a comeback for their boss “Fluke.”

Sonny gets arrested!

Franco gets the shock of his life!

What business do Sabrina and Ava have together?

Levi’s Father has ties to Port Charles. Could his Father be Mac, Jerry, A Cassadine?

Julian divulges to Sonny that he is well aware of who actually killed AJ.

Nina has a close eye on Kiki. Does she notice something?

Carlos is still in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Will the recording Carly has set him free?

The Cassadines gain a family member.

Michael’s world is turned upside down when he learns that Sonny killed AJ and that Carly knew the truth the entire time.

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Killed By Ava As Per Orders? Maxie and Lulu’s Kidnapping News – Julian, Sonny Meeting

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Killed By Ava As Per Orders? Maxie and Lulu’s Kidnapping News – Julian, Sonny Meeting

General Hospital spoilers for August 25-29 tease a week of drama GH fans won’t want to miss. According to General Hospital spoilers, there will be a major break in the case of Maxie and Lulu’s kidnapping form an unexpected source. Dante and Nathan are determined to save the damsels in distress, and they also uncover some interesting dirt on Levi in the process.

GH spoilers for the week of August 25 tease that the Britt-Nikolas-Liz love triangle really heats up. When everyone gathers at the police station to await news on Lulu and Maxie’s kidnapping, Elizabeth is not happy to see Nikolas arrive with Britt. And Britt can’t wait to rub it in her face that she nearly had sex with Nikolas before they received the phone call about Lulu. By the end of the week, Elizabeth confronts Nikolas about Britt.

Nikolas isn’t the only Port Charles resident who has found himself in the middle of a complicated love triangle. Despite the fact that Carly informed Sonny they were done fooling around, Sonny corners her again at the Port Charles Police Department, with Franco right around the corner. While Carly is canoodling with Sonny right under Franco’s nose, General Hospital spoilers tease that Franco runs in to Scott and learns that Carly lied about her alibi the night before.

Fake Luke ordered Ava Jerome to kill Michael Corinthos; her daughter’s boyfriend, Julian, warned her that she should do what Fake Luke says or else he will attack her family. According to General Hospital spoilers, Ava invites Kiki and Michael over for a family dinner, but after a conversation with Kiki, she gets cold feet and doesn’t kill Michael. According to General Hospital spoilers, Ava offers to do something else for Luke in hopes of pacifying him. Meanwhile, Ava’s brother Julian tries to make peace with Sonny Corinthos.

So, GH fans, do you think Nikolas should choose Britt or Liz? Should Carly choose Sonny or Franco? And what secrets do you think Dante and Nathan uncovered about Levi Dunkelman? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below

General Hospital’ Spoilers For Aug. 25-29, 2014: Something Is Revealed About Levi’s Past

General Hospital’ Spoilers For Aug. 25-29, 2014: Something Is Revealed About Levi’s Past

The upcoming week is set to feature new drama and action in the city of Port Charles. Read on to find out what fans can expect in the forthcoming week’s “General Hospital” episodes.

Warning: Spoilers Alert!

This  contains spoilers for “General Hospital” episodes from Aug. 25-29, 2014. Read only if you wish to know more about the episodes.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for Aug. 25. 2014

Kiki and Michael visit Ava’s place. They are at her place for dinner. Ava gets an order from imposter Luke to knock off Michael and she invites Kiki and Michael for dinner.

According to, in this episode, Levi faces some trouble.

Dante approaches Sonny for help. He is looking for the Aztec jewels that are missing.

  Britt and Elizabeth fight to get Nikolas’ attention and Elizabeth is ready to make a decision.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for Aug. 26, 2014

According to Soap Central, in this “General Hospital” instalment, Carly wants to make a special plan for Franco. Meanwhile, he finds out something about Carly.

Elsewhere, Ava learns something about Luke and she is rethinking about everything.

Julian reminds Ava that it is dangerous to mess with Luke. Ava is thinking about a new plan to deal with things.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for Aug. 27, 2014

In this instalment, Nina proposes something to Silas. They talk about the future.

Patrick and Sam talk about their pasts and they are very close to each other now.

Silas wants info about Rafe. He asks Nina about the same.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for Aug. 28, 2014

Dante, Nathan and Anna talk about Levi’s past. Levi’s secret will be revealed soon.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth is urging Nikolas to finally make a decision.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for Aug. 29, 2014

Britt talks to Nina and asks about any possibility of getting pregnant.

Share your theories about the upcoming week in the comments section below.

Spoilers updated August 25, 2014

Spoilers updated  August 25, 2014

LOTS of good stuff coming over the next few weeks! More posted later!

**Nathan is a basket case over Maxie being kidnapped.  *Ava invites Michael and Kiki over for dinner, with a deadly dessert.  *Kiki says something to Ava that causes her to rethink her plan.  *Liz unintentionally interrupts Nik and Britts attempt to make love.  *Liz tells Nik about Lulu.  *Dante seeks Sonnys help in finding where the Aztec jewels are being sold.  *Carly rushes to the police station when she learns about Lulu.  *Sonny shows up to “offer support”.  *Silas is jealous of Sam and Patrick.  *Nina uses that to her own advantage, and makes a proposition.  *Nina and Silas end up in bed together, but he may have been drugged again.  *Nina and Franco team up to put wedges between Sam and Silas and Carly and Sonny.  *Sabrina demands answers about Rafe, and cracks begin to show.  *Clues about Thomas Ashford and his “death” come out..  *Did he fake his death?  *A little knowledge is a dangerous thing for many in PC. *Robin and Jason do make their escape, but not without danger.  *Obrecht prepares Nathan about Victor.  *Victor wants to know his son.  *Rosalie tries to pump Morgan for info on Ava for Nina.  *Fluke tells Julian that if Ava fails, Julian must kill Michael.  *Julian goes to Sonny with a proposition.  *Nina will find out she may be too old to get pregnant, and she flips out.  *Nina decides that Ava can’t have another child.  *Franco is going to help Ava by finding the flashdrive.  *Someone else learns that Sonny shot AJ.  *Jason and Robin are split up by an accident. Robin can’t find him.  *Levi separates Lulu and Maxie.  *Levi becomes more angry and sinister.  *Dante and Nathan locate the cabin.  *Sam tells Patrick about the card in Rafes wallet from the Crichton Clark Clinic.  *They discuss this major clue.  *Sam and Patrick share a kiss.  *Tracy tries to reach Luke about Lulu’s kidnapping.  *Franco talks to Scott and learns that Bobbie lied.  *Carly tries to distance herself from Sonny.  *Franco doesn’t trust Carly after talking to Scott and Morgan.  *Franco’s jealousy spurs him to do something he promised he wouldn’t.  *Liz finds out that Nik and Britt were about to make love.  *Liz confronts Nik and spills her feelings and demands he make a choice.  *Nik tells Liz something she never expected.  *The Cassadines will make a big return.  *Tyler Christopher will be taking a long vacation next year. He will be pretaping some scenes, but  will be off for four months. The Cassadine resurrections will play into this.  *Patrick keeps the Jason secret from Sam.  *Britt is the one who tells Liz that she and Nik were in bed.

**Britt and Nik play at family for one night.  *The night ends in a kiss between Nik and Britt.  *Britt thinks that the kiss means that Nik wants her back.  *Nik tells Britt that he is not into her. He has feelings for Liz.  *Britt formulates a new plan.  *Kiki goes to see Ava for her birthday.  *While she is there, they feel the baby kick for the first time.  *Its a bonding moment for Ava and Kiki.  *Nina has a festering hatred of Ava that gets worse because Ava is pregnant again.  *Nina wants a baby and resents that Ava gets a second chance at motherhood.  *Franco lets his jealousy of Sonny get out of hand.  *Franco looks for the proof that Sonny killed AJ.  *Michael and Kiki join Ava for a family dinner.  *Franco and Nina have formed a bond that is forged in hell.  *Emma is worried about Robin.  *Patrick and Sam grow closer every day.  *The PCPD launches a manhunt for Levi and his accomplice.  *Nathan and Dante search for their women.  *Fear Not..Lulu and Maxie are eventually rescued.  *Mac is taken to GH.  *Epiphany and Milo have a date.  *Franco has words for Michael.  *Ned and Olivia go to the movies.  *Nina tells Silas that she has not been at physical therapy.  *Nina tells Silas she has been putting on a front because she has deep seated issues.  *Silas tries to be kinder to Nina.  *Sabrina returns to PC.  *Sabrina is shocked to find out about Rafe and the accident.  *Sam goes to Silas’ apartment to go through Rafes things.  *Sam finds a clue.  *Silas is very jealous of Patrick.  *Levi is the son of someone who is NOT Mac.  *Fluke orders Ava to do the unthinkable, or die herself.  *Ava confides in Julian, who already has a plan in the works.  *Julian tells Ava not to trust Luke.  *Alice gets an update on her health.  *Michael overhears Alice and Tracy talking.  *Jordan and Shawn talk about their secret…  *Surprise! Thomas might not be quite so dead after all.  *Julian and Alexis can’t deny their feelings and decide to wed.  *Patrick tells Sabrina about his trip to the Clinic and seeing Robin.  *Robin is not going to abandon Jason to Victor.  *Robin and Jason will escape, but at a cost.  *Carly and Sonny are headed back to each other, and Franco can see it coming.  *Bobbie helps Carly keep Franco in the dark about Sonny.  *Franco and Nina get closer as they find their common ground.  *Jordan can’t get Julian to reveal who they are working for.  *Due to an accident, Jason gets a new face.  *Victor is beyond angry that Jason escaped.  *Tracy tells Fluke that Michael may be onto them.  *At dinner, Kiki reveals something to Ava that gives her ammunition.  *Julian asks Sonny for help, after confiding something to him.  *Ned gets suspicious about Tracy.

 *Jason begins to wake up.  *Nina tells Franco about the Sonny/Carly liplock.  *Nathan figures out that Levi is a thief.  *Lulu questions Maxie about her true feelings for Levi..and Nathan.  *The wedding begins, but will it happen?  *Nathan goes to the Haunted Star to confront Levi and hopefully stop the wedding.  *Maxie is stunned by the turn of events.  *Shots ring out.  *Silas tells Sam and Patrick what Rafe told Molly.  *Levi finds his back against the wall and pulls his gun.  *Victor refuses to let Robin give Jason the last treatment until she works on Stavros and Helena.  *Franco finds his jealousy overruling his sense.  *Ned and Olivia begin seeing each other.  *Nik invites Britt to stay at Windermere after Brad kicks her out.  *Britt is very happy to say yes.  *Nik invites Elizabeth out to dinner, and they have a frank discussion.  *Britt is not happy that she is not in Nik’s bed.  *Julian and Alexis are miserable apart.  *Julian won’t give up on his love..  *A nice dinner turns romantic for Sam and Patrick.  *Patrick decides that Sam doesn’t need to know about Jason, and his “death”.  *Lulu learns she must undergo hormone therapy to ensure a healthy pregnancy.  *Dante and Nathan are swept into a mystery while investigating the drug ring.  *Sonny and Olivia talk about what happened to break them apart.  *Sonny is unable to get Olivia to trust him.  *Both Brad and Britt are snarky and snippy with each other, over their non existent love lives.  *Nik tells Britt he is not ready to reopen their relationship.  *Lucas invites both Brad and Felix to dinner.  *Lucas tells Who he was going to choose.  *Lucas tells Brad what he is really feeling.  *Felix decides to step away from the situation and look for love elsewhere after talking to Milo.  *Anna is under pressure to clean up PC, but she can’t reveal that Ric is still alive.  *Julian makes a move to get out from under Flukes thumb by fighting back.  *Nina finds it hard to pretend to be supportive of Sam and Silas.  *Nina slowly digs her claws deeper into Silas.  *Julian will marry Alexis, and plans on convincing her its the right thing to do.  *Fluke has more tricks up his sleeve.  *Sam and Patrick go about finding out who ordered the crash.  *Nik admits he has feelings for Britt and Elizabeth.  *Olivia and Carly make peace with each other.  *Nina and Franco end up in a compromising position.  *Nina still wants a baby with Silas or at least to get pregnant and say its his.  *Things are hot for Shawn and Jordan.  *Spencer sees Britt and Nik huddled in front of a fire.  *Sonny seeks out Carly after his talk with Olivia.  *Fluke has a mission for Ava.

 *Sabrina will be returning soon.  *Do NOT expect that she and Patrick will resume their romance.  *Carlos will be getting out of prison soon. Read into that your own conclusions.  *Carlos will be looking for revenge over little Gabriels death.  *The true culprit will be revealed soon.  *The clinic in New York is the hub of lots of the drama in PC.  *Dante looks into Jordan’s claim that Luke is the big boss.  *Nina wins this round. Silas doesn’t know he was drugged.  *Silas is unaware that Sam saw him in Nina’s arms.  *Franco learns Nina can walk.  *Franco keeps her secret and befriends her.  *Felicia gifts Maxie her Aztec necklace to show her support for Maxie’s marriage.  *Nathan tells Maxie he has feelings for her.  *Alice gets Mickey’s heart, thanks to Tracy.  *Julian is out for blood, and a revenge plot is hatched by him.  *Franco discovers Spencers whereabouts.  *Patrick and Sam head for New York looking for answers.  *Sam gets into Nina’s records, and finds something interesting before she is caught.  *Patrick finds a clue that Robin is there, and demands to see her.  *Sam sees Jason, and chases him.  *When she catches him around a corner, its not Jason.  *Sam apologizes and leaves. The man unlocks a door and enters.  *Inside the room, the mans tells another man that he is sorry he locked him in. Boss’s orders.  *Patrick confronts Robin. He tells her we wants a divorce.  *Robin is stunned and begs him to be patient.  *Patrick and Sam are both unsettled by what happened at the clinic.  *They go to a bar to get a drink, and end up closer than they expected.  *Julian proposes to Alexis.  *Britt and Nik talk, he makes a suggestion.  *Britt is thrilled by his words.  *Spencer comes home.  *Levi is pleased that the Aztec necklace is within reach, finally.  *Nina’s victory is short lived.  *Silas tells Kiki about Sam.  *Morgan and Rosalie go out.  *Monica and Tracy bicker over Michael and ELQ.  *Nina and Franco talk about Carly and Ava.  *Nina figures out a way to get to Ava’s place on her revenge list, using Franco.  *Victor refuses to allow Robin to give Jason the final treatment.  *He tells Robin she must finish Helena and Stefan first.  *Dr. Obrecht fears Helena coming back.  *Serena returns!  *Ned and Olivia go out to dinner.  *Levi starts to feel some pressure and realizes he may be in trouble with his plan.  *Julian tells Sonny he knows that Sonny shot AJ.  *Shawn and Jordan get hot and steamy.  *Molly learns that Ric is alive, and she must keep that secret.  *Fluke has a female partner, and she will return with him (not Helena).  *Fluke and Helena have an extremely tense meeting when he returns.  *Luke will be rescued in late September, early October.  *Whe Luke is rescued, we will see Heather.  *Britt’s plan takes a hit, and she isn’t sure what to do.  *Nina is about to have a very bad day.  *Fluke comes back in October.  *Ric comes back in September.  *Jason will be onscreen in a few weeks. He is not happy about his life.  *Jason isn’t sure is he is happier as Jason Morgan, or Jason Quartermane.  *Sam and Silas have more attempts to reconnect, and as many misunderstandings.  *Patrick will become Nina’s doctor. She will need surgery.  *Nina may have some kind of bleed or lesion that will explain her behavior.  *Franco tries to find the proof that Sonny shot AJ.  *More returns from the dead are coming.

   *Shawn and Jordans argument ends in a liplock.  *Mickey knows that Jordan is DEA and plans to eliminate her.  *Jordan moves closer to exposing the boss..Fluke.  *Mickey confronts and corners Jordan.  *Shawn shoots Mickey to save Jordan.  *Tracy figures a way to get Mickeys heart for Alice.  *Lucky for Alice! Mickey’s heart is a perfect match.  *Tracy and Faux Luke continue their machinations.  *Tracy remains clueless about her groom.  *Ned and Olivia get close..  *Sam witnesses a very intimate scene between Silas and Nina.  *Sam is very suspicious of Nina.  *It appears that Silas and Nina have reconnected.  *Patrick insists on helping Sam investigate Nina, since he has no job.  *Sam and Patrick look for answers about who leaked the story to the press.  *First stop for Sam is Sonny, and the security footage.  *Sam asks Sonny for help.  *Julian is pissed about the heroin laced coke.  *Julian wants out of the mob to have a life with Alexis.  *Julian is violently angry when a bomb goes off..from Fluke.  *Fluke targeted Julians family as a warning.  *Jordan figures out that the bomb was from their boss.  *Julian tells Sonny he knows the truth about AJ’s death.  *Britt and Spencer’s plan is about to unravel.  *Britt has to up her game.  *Liz makes her feelings known.  *Nathan talks to Nina about Maxie, and she tells him to fight for her.  *Julian wants revenge on Fluke.  *Sam and Patrick head to New York for answers when things don’t add up.  *While is New York at the clinic where Nina was, They run into Robin.  *Patrick stays silent about Jason to Sam.  *Sam and Patrick hit a bar to forget their troubles.  *Sam and Patrick almost„,but they don’t.  *Silas informs Kiki about the breakup with Sam.  *Who told Rafe to run Patrick off the road? That will play into another storyline as well.  *Franco finds out that Nina can walk.  *Franco helps his new friend Nina convince Sam that Silas is back with Nina.

 Down the road.. Michael learns that Sonny killed AJ and Carly knew all about it and didn’t tell him.

General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller Not Taking On Jason Morgan Role After All?

General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller Not Taking On Jason Morgan Role After All?

Fans of General Hospital are anxious to find out what the scoop is on Jason Morgan’s return, and the network has done an amazing job of keeping the details to this one under wraps. There has been speculation for months, or at least a strong desire on the part of fans, that Billy Miller from The Young & the Restless would take on the role. Then, there were sources indicating it was a done deal. Now this week, buzz and General Hospital spoilers make it seem up in the air, at the very least. Where do things stand now?

There have been General Hospital spoilers floating around for a while now that the soap was angling to bring on Billy Miller as Jason Morgan. Now it’s been made clear that Morgan is alive and surely returning to the canvas, but who will take on the role? Steve Burton, who previously played Morgan, is content over at The Young & the Restless so he’s not returning to the role.

More than one insider have indicated online that Miller had either signed a deal with GH or was close. Of course the network has never said boo about it one way or the other, and they pulled off a stunner when they brought in Michelle Stafford and kept it under wraps until she popped up on-screen. It certainly seems likely they’d try to do the same here. While many thought it was a done deal with Miller, now there is seriously conflicting information and nobody truly knows what the situation is.

Ryan White-Nobles of TV Source Magazine indicates that this week’s CBS Soaps in Depth shares that “Their well-placed sources says it’s down to hammering out details” in terms of getting Billy Miller on-board to play Jason Morgan. At the same time, Nelson Branco of Soap Opera Uncensored says that “despite reports, Billy Miller not joining GH!”

Things became especially confusing when a couple of online sites worded things poorly, misread details or skimmed over information that led them to indicate or believe that Frank Valentini had confirmed Billy Miller would be Jason Morgan in a recent interview. The truth of the matter is that Valentini has not said this, and he has not said anything specific about who will play Morgan. Valentini has referenced Morgan, and bloggers who believe it’ll be Miller in the role noted that, and then others read it as fact and the “news” spread like wildfire.

At this point, all that is truly known is that Jason Morgan is coming back in some capacity. Multiple insiders who would seemingly know, such as some TV Guide writers, have previously said it was a done deal with Miller. At the same time, it is known that Billy Miller left The Young & the Restless in large part due to his desire to work on other projects. It could very well come down to the idea that General Hospital wanted Miller, negotiated with Miller, and perhaps at essentially the last minute the two sides just couldn’t come to terms. For now, there simply is no confirmation one way or the other from the show itself.

So just who will play Jason Morgan when the character makes a return? Or is he not returning at all? It certainly seems that the character will be back, and many are still betting that Billy Miller will show up in the role. Others speculate that Miller may show up in Port Charles, but in a different role like that of Dillon Quartermaine. For now, there don’t really seem to be any solid General Hospital spoilers about Billy Miller or Jason Morgan, so fans will have to stay tuned.


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