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Exclusive: General Hospital Supercouple Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry Answer Fan Questions

Exclusive: General Hospital Supercouple Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry Answer Fan Questions


You ask, they deliver. TV Guide Magazine sat down with General Hospital stars William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn — better known as the über-popular Julexis — for a sprawling chat too big for one installment. Part 1 posted last week. Now, in part 2 of the interview, deVry and Grahn answer Twitter questions from their devoted fan base, the Julexis Army.

TV Guide Magazine: Let’s start out with a question that’s sure to get one of you into trouble. Your fan @EdinaHotdish wants to know: “What’s the best and worst thing about working with each other?” William deVry: Nancy’s constant need to protect me on the set. Nancy Lee Grahn: I have to show him the ins and outs at the studio. He needs help understanding the vibe. He doesn’t know how things work. William is like an innocent little puppy.

TV Guide Magazine: So, then, is that the best or the worst thing about Nancy? deVry: Actually, both. It’s endearing and annoying. Grahn: That makes me sound so bossy. That’s how this is gonna come across. deVry: It’s a motherly instinct. She means well. It’s sweet. Grahn: I protect him because he needs it. He’s always getting into trouble. Seriously, that’s what you picked? Couldn’t you say I’m a good kisser, or something like that? deVry: [Silence] Grahn: Why is that so damn hard for you to say? It’s not just a one-way street, pal. I am constantly promoting you! I have been your best publicist! deVry: Okay, then, the best thing about Nancy is [long, thoughtful pause]… her sense of humor. Grahn: The best thing about Will is that he listens to me when I tell him what to do. By the way, I know I’m a good kisser. I’ve been told that. So it’s okay for you to say it. Say something. deVry: This is soap kissing we’re talking about. It’s not the real thing. Okay, I will say that your lips move well. Grahn: I’m not ever again going to talk about you being a good kisser! Not ever again! deVry: Here’s something I really respect about Nancy: She will never tell me to change one of my acting choices. It can be really aggravating when that happens. Grahn: Nobody should do that. deVry: But some actors do and you don’t. And I love that. Grahn: Who does that to you at GH? [Laughs] See, I protect him! deVry: We’ll talk later. Grahn: The thing about Will is that he comes very eager to play. He’s very willing to go wherever the writers ask him to go. And I have worked with actors who can be very resistant to that. Can you at least say I’m funny? Because I know I’m funny. deVry: “I’m really funny. Just ask me!”

TV Guide Magazine: @cyncobb wants to know: “Is Julian the love of Alexis’s life?” Grahn: How do I answer that? What do they want me to say?

TV Guide Magazine: You know damn well what they want you to say. Yes! Grahn: Okay, yes! deVry: But why, why, why? Grahn: Here’s a better answer: It depends on whether or not Julian thinks Alexis is the love of his life. If he says yes, then she says yes, too. deVry: Well, I’m not going to answer that question because it wasn’t posed to me. Anyway, who’s speaking right now — Nancy or Alexis? Are you strictly speaking from Alexis’s heart? Grahn: It depends on your answer. deVry: That’s such a cop out! That’s Alexis being afraid to put her heart out there. Unless this is Nancy talking…?

TV Guide Magazine: Did this interview just turn existential? Grahn: I am speaking for Alexis! You want my character to be in love with yours, but you don’t want yours to be in love with mine. That’s it, isn’t it? Ask any actor on a soap opera if he is truly in love and — with the exception of maybe Dominic Zamprogna — he will go, “Yes…but…” Now, ask any woman and she will readily and happily say, “Yes, I am in love.” Men think they’re more sexy when they’re available and less sexy when they’re in love. Women don’t like that. They want to hear you say it. deVry: This is Nancy talking! Grahn: And I speak for the fans. Trust me, the Julexis Army does not want to see Julian messing around. A few weeks back, he was in a scene with Jordan and the Army was about to take her out. It was just a harmless scene! Nothing happened between them. But the fans wanted her dead. See, here’s the problem: There are so many other women Julian could have on this show. But, if Julian wasn’t around, what other choice would Alexis have? The Yellow Pages? Christian Mingle? Oh, what the hell, I’ll just say it. Alexis is in love with Julian right now. Big time. Is he the love of her life? I don’t know. But I do know she really, really likes to have sex with him.

TV Guide Magazine: @jenjordan6 wants to know: “How did it feel the first time Julexis trended on Twitter?” deVry: It felt so good! Ava and Morgan had sex and they were trending, and I remember feeling a little jealous about that. Grahn: They did? Dammit, I didn’t know that. I would have been really upset. deVry: I’m breaking news Grahn: Yes, and I don’t like it. I want us to be the only trenders. deVry: I’m not sure how this stuff works. How do you know when we’ve trended? Grahn: Alarms go off in my house. I think when Julexis trends it proves that nobody gives a s—t about our ages. It’s irrelevant. I have so many young people following me on Twitter deVry: When I was young, I didn’t want to watch kids my age on TV. I wanted to watch grownups. I couldn’t have gotten luckier than to be paired up with such a giving, honest person as Nancy. Grahn: Now he’s trying to make up for refusing to say I’m a good kisser.

TV Guide Magazine: Give the guy a break. Maybe he’ll catch hell at home. Grahn: But that’s the thing — he won’t! His girlfriend, Rebecca Staab, is a huge Julexis fan and extremely supportive. And she has given me carte blanche to enjoy this to whatever extent.

TV Guide Magazine: On that topic, we have a comment from @Julexis4ever. “Thanx for moaning every time Julian kisses Alexis. It’s HOTT.” Which one of you is this referring to? Grahn: I do a lot of moaning. I don’t know why. deVry: It’s been mentioned to me that I’m really into those scenes and that I make…noises. Grahn: It’s a tie. We’re both very noisy deVry: Nancy has the greatest fans — extremely opinionated and extremely loyal and they make a lot of money! She appeals to smart, high earners. They see her intellect when she’s on camera, and on Twitter. If Soap Opera Digest asked me the question, “Who on your show is the most likely to fall on a sword for you?” my answer would be Nancy. Grahn: Aww, that’s sweet. All right, you’re forgiven. You know what the reality is? He is the sexy part of this relationship. I am just not willing to spend that kind of time at the gym. deVry: Hey, people think I spend a lot of time sculpting in the gym when I don’t! I’m 46 years old. I can’t spend hours and hours there. I go four days a week for a maximum of 40 minutes a day. At my age, rest and sleep are more important. I’m like a dog. I could sleep all day.

TV Guide Magazine: We have another from @cyncobb who says Julexis is bringing in male viewers. She tweets: “Husbands are tuning into GH now. Mine says, ‘Were they on today?’” deVry: I hear that a lot. I’ll be out somewhere and a gentleman will say, “My wife is too embarrassed to come up and meet you, but we watch you all the time.” I had a CEO of Deutsche Bank ask me, “How is Alexis?” I’m, like, “Whaat? You watch GH?” And he said, “My wife and I love the show!” I had one lady tell me her husband watches from the kitchen doorway because he doesn’t want to admit he’s into GH. He’s lurking! I also have a lot of male friends who say, “I hate you! Now I’m hooked on your show!”

TV Guide Magazine: Next, we have @brianalope asking: “Will Alexis forgive Julian for lying to her to save their families?” deVry: I certainly hope so. Grahn: Of course! She’s been with far worse men. [Laughs] And she probably will again. deVry: People lie for much worse reasons. Grahn: When Alexis was with Sonny, he didn’t even give a crap. He was always, like, “I’m gonna do what I damn well please and too bad for you.” But this Alexis-Julian thing is a relationship built on mutual respect, even if he is lying. Some people have complained that Alexis didn’t question it when Julian threw Ric under the bus, but I think the audience forgets how bad Ric used to be. [Former GH head writer] Bob Guza made him so evil. Now Ric seems to be a nice guy again, but it’s not that far of a stretch in Alexis’s mind for her to believe he’s still doing bad things. So get off her ass!

TV Guide Magazine: But, if Julian truly cares about Alexis, why would he endanger her by being in this potentially deadly romance? deVry: Well, maybe that’s a decision Julian will need to make in the near future. There’s some very intriguing stuff coming up.

TV Guide Magazine: @quit5000 wants to know: “Where does Julian live?” Grahn: That’s right, he doesn’t have a house of his own. The rich, big-shot mobster! deVry: [Laughs] He lives at his sister’s place. Grahn: That is so…hot. deVry: Even Carlos had his own place, for God’s sake! The audience notices when your character doesn’t have his own set and they think that’s a tip-off. “He’s not important enough to spend money on!” There was a point where a lot of fans were asking if I was getting fired. They also noticed that [GH executive producer] Frank Valentini follows Carlos on Twitter and he follows Ryan Carnes but he doesn’t follow me. Then there was, “Julian isn’t in the opening credits! He must be on his way out!” [Laughs] I think maybe the Julexis Army saved me.

TV Guide Magazine: @quit5000 has another question: “Will Alexis and Julian finally admit they were in love when they first met?” Grahn: I don’t think they were in love back then, do you? deVry: Nope. In lust, maybe. Grahn: It was just a hot experience in the back of a Camaro. It was like the time Sam Behrens took me up in his airplane — he had just gotten his pilot’s license that day — and afterward we did it in the back seat of his T-Bird. deVry: None of that s—t ever happens to me.

TV Guide Magazine: Here’s a question from @PamPetrakos: “Any special message for the devoted Julexis army?” Grahn: Yes, how would you like your checks made out? We owe you everything.

TV Guide Magazine: Last question. The annual GH Fan Club Weekend is coming up and @TrishMcKelvey wants to know: “Are you going to crash each other’s events?” Grahn: Yes! deVry: I am definitely planning on it. Grahn: But, if you have to choose between them, come to mine. At my event, Julian and Alexis are going to have live sex. Bring your camera!


General Hospital Cast Spoilers: Will Tony Geary Return To ‘GH’ – Is Luke Spencer Gone For Good?

General Hospital Cast Spoilers: Will Tony Geary Return To ‘GH’ – Is Luke Spencer Gone For Good?

Back injuries can be beyond painful and according to General Hospital’s Tony Geary he must have one of the worst imaginable. After recent x-rays it was revealed that the legendary soap star has two almost complete breaks in his back. I guess that’s what can happen when you spend years as a daredevil in real life. The actor underwent two lengthy surgeries within two days of each other back in April and is now taking at least six months off to recover. He was warned that the healing was going to be slow and opted to give himself enough time to bounce back slowly.

The thing is, according to the July 21st print edition of GLOBE Magazine Tony may not actually return to GH in October as Luke Spencer which, as of now, he is expected to do. Cliff diving and other shenanigans have left his body very close to being in a permanent wheelchair and after withstanding this recovery the actor may very well choose to live out the rest of his life at home in Holland. It wasn’t too long ago that Geary attempted to use an escape clause built into his GH contract because he was hating the role that his character (Luke Spencer) was playing on the show. Producers convinced him to stick around and in recent months Luke has been front and center each week with a hot storyline.

Behind the scenes at GH there is a mixed reaction to the idea of Geary’s return. Some believe that he is at the heart of the show mainly because over 30 years ago Luke and Laura’s love story reached people everywhere and their wedding was an event that all of us from that era remember. At the same time, solid actors like Maurice Bernard (Sonny Corinthos) are itching to work more and they’ll be able to with Tony out of the way. What are your thoughts about Tony’s recovery? Do you hope that he returns in October or would you rather see Luke stay off the Port Charles canvas? Given how deeply ingrained is Fake Luke in the storylines now it’s hard to see GH without Tony Geary this Autumn. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Spoilers: Week of July 28th

Will Sam & Sonny Discover Who Went To The Press?

Ned saves Olivia from a dangerous drunk dial.

Ava desperately needs Franco’s help, to what extremes will she go to get what she wants?
Tick Tick BOOM! who/what is the target of the latest explosion in Port Charles?
Maxie asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. Will Lulu accept?
Will Britt confess the truth about Spencer to Nikolas?
Sonny confronts Julian regarding Ava’s escape.

General Hospital Promo: Summer in Port Charles is About to Blow Up! The mob war between the Corinthos and Jerome crime families has been simmering, but this summer it’s going to blow up!

General Hospital Promo: Summer in Port Charles is About to Blow Up! The mob war between the Corinthos and Jerome crime families has been simmering, but this summer it’s going to blow up!

The latest General Hospital promo features everyone from Julian (William deVry) to Shawn (Sean Blakemore) whipping out their guns and pointing it at someone.

Whose life is threatened? Who is going to need a good home insurance policy?


Spoilers updated July 26, 2014 

Spoilers updated July 26, 2014 

*Shawn and Jordans argument ends in a liplock. *Mickey knows that Jordan is DEA and plans to eliminate her. *Jordan moves closer to exposing the boss..Fluke. *Mickey confronts and corners Jordan. *Shawn shoots Mickey to save Jordan. *Tracy figures a way to get Mickeys heart for Alice. *Lucky for Alice! Mickey’s heart is a perfect match. *Tracy and Faux Luke continue their machinations. *Tracy remains clueless about her groom. *Ned and Olivia get close.. *Sam witnesses a very intimate scene between Silas and Nina. *Sam is very suspicious of Nina. *It appears that Silas and Nina have reconnected. *Patrick insists on helping Sam investigate Nina, since he has no job. *Sam and Patrick look for answers about who leaked the story to the press. *First stop for Sam is Sonny, and the security footage. *Sam asks Sonny for help. *Julian is pissed about the heroin laced coke. *Julian wants out of the mob to have a life with Alexis. *Julian is violently angry when a bomb goes off..from Fluke. *Fluke targeted Julians family as a warning. *Jordan figures out that the bomb was from their boss. *Julian tells Sonny he knows the truth about AJ’s death. *Britt and Spencer’s plan is about to unravel. *Britt has to up her game. *Liz makes her feelings known. *Nathan talks to Nina about Maxie, and she tells him to fight for her. *Julian wants revenge on Fluke. *Sam and Patrick head to New York for answers when things don’t add up. *While is New York at the clinic where Nina was, They run into Robin. *Patrick stays silent about Jason to Sam. *Sam and Patrick hit a bar to forget their troubles. *Sam and Patrick almost„,but they don’t. *Silas informs Kiki about the breakup with Sam. *Who told Rafe to run Patrick off the road? That will play into another storyline as well. *Franco finds out that Nina can walk. *Franco helps his new friend Nina convince Sam that Silas is back with Nina.

Down the road.. Michael learns that Sonny killed AJ and Carly knew all about it and didn’t tell him.

'General Hospital' spoilers: Lucy mourns Rafe and tries to win Scotty back

'General Hospital' spoilers: Lucy mourns Rafe and tries to win Scotty back

It has been an emotional few weeks for “General Hospital” fans. Viewers watched as Rafe was named the driver of the car that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road. In an effort to save himself, Rafe made some decisions which ended up costing him his life. The scenes where Silas turned off life support were rough to watch. Rafe’s family was there, except one important person. According to a July 22 report from Soap Opera Digest, Lucy was not present for Rafe’s final moments because the writers thought adding her character to the mix would be overkill.

Lucy Coe has been a fan-favorite on “General Hospital” for quite some time. Lynn Herring has brought several dimensions to the character and fans eat it up. It was upsetting that Lucy wasn’t there to say good-bye to her “nephew” when other characters were put front and center. Ron Carlivati explained that it was too much to have Lucy added to the scenes which were already quite busy. When Lucy returned to Port Charles, she was given her own moment to mourn the loss of Rafe with her best friend Felicia.

Now that Lucy is back in Port Charles, she wants to reclaim Scotty Baldwin as her own. Her marriage with Kevin is over now, so why shouldn’t she move on? It looks like things are going to get complicated on “General Hospital” with Lucy, Scotty, and Bobbie. According to a tweet sent out by Jackie Zeman (Bobbie), there is going to be some confrontation within the love triangle.

As the “General Hospital” writers work to incorporate the older characters into the show, fans are going to have to make concessions about what they expect. Ron Carlivati and the other staff members are working hard to incorporate nostalgia back into Port Charles. Lucy is back and has had her moment of mourning. The next step for her is to find out whether or not Scotty will attempt

'General Hospital' spoilers: Mickey learns Jordan's secret, Ava taking down Sonny, WWE star David Otunga guest stars

Can’t get enough of the drama in “General Hospital?” This week is no different and your “GH” drama cravings will be satisfied. Check out these spoilers from and see if your speculations will happen:

July 28

Jordan, working as an undercover, is at risk of getting her cover blown. According to spoilers, Mickey will discover her secret. This will put Jordan’s life at huge risk.

Ava is still trying to get Franco to help her bring Sonny down. She’s very motivated to do it.

Sam and Silas’ relationship is close to done when she saw Nina and Silas having a moment. She believes Silas has moved on.

Elsewhere, Julian gets rattled with an explosion.

July 29


In this episode, Ava is nearly convincing Franco to give her what she needs to bring down Silas—the recording. And with Mickey knowing Jordan’s secret, he teaches her a lesson.

July 30

Julian, rattled by the explosion, talks to Jordan about it and discusses who could possibly be behind it. He talks to fake Luke about it too.

Tracy informs Luke about the condition of Alice and Ned hears what they talked about. It is in this episode that WWE star David Otunga guest stars.

July 31

Julian continues to try and look for information about explosion through Luke, while Luke is more interested in knowing what Ava is doing with Sonny.

Tracy discovers a way to treat Alice. And Britt is thinking twice about telling the truth about Spencer to Nikolas.

August 1

The week ends with Ava sharing with Julian about a new business deal and Julian knows the truth about AJ and tells Sonny. And Sam and Patrick discover more things about Nina.

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco and Ava Take Down Sonny – Jordan’s Cover Blown – Explosion Destroys Alexis’ House

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco and Ava Take Down Sonny – Jordan’s Cover Blown – Explosion Destroys Alexis’ House

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 28 – August 1 tease an explosive week of drama when an explosion rocks the lives of our favorite Port Charles residents. It was revealed earlier this month that an explosion would occur on General Hospital, and according to spoilers the explosion occurs at Alexis’s house. Who would want to blow up Alexis’s house? Someone who is trying to teach Julian Jerome a lesson! Mickey Diamond didn’t take too kindly to Julian’s threats about his family, and Julian is convinced that the explosion at Alexis’s house was a warning from Fake Luke and his henchman Mickey.

When Mickey isn’t trying to kill everyone that Julian’s loves during the week of July 28th, General Hospital spoilers tease that he is doing some investigating in to TJ’s mom Jordan Ashbury. According to GH spoilers, on July 29th Mickey will learn that she is actually an undercover DEA agent, and she is in serious danger!

General Hospital spoilers also tease that the walls are closing in on Sonny Corinthos now that he doesn’t have his insurance policy living under his roof. Ava Jerome confessed to her brother Julian that Sonny shot and killed AJ Quartermaine, and Julian informs Sonny he knows his secret. The Jerome Family aren’t the only people with a vendetta against Sonny though. Ava enlists the help of her enemy Franco to take down their common nemesis Sonny, and Franco sneaks on to Carly’s laptop in search of a copy of the video that they had of Sonny killing AJ for Ava.

According to GH spoilers, Sam is devastated when she catches Silas and Nina together. However, by the end of the week she and Patrick will stumble across some damning evidence against Nina and will realize that Silas’s innocent crippled wife..isn’t crippled and is far from innocent.

So GH fans, do you think that Alexis will be hurt in the explosion at her house? Or were Mickey and Fake Luke just sending Julian a warning? Do you think that the mobsters will kill Jordan when they learn that she is an under-cover agent? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check  for more General Hospital spoilers.

gh spoilers comings and goings

Week of July 28:

Monday July 28:

GH Recap: Poor Impulse Control.

 Ava begs Franco to help her bring down Sonny.

 Jordan’s life is at risk because her cover is about to be blown.

 An explosion pushes Julian over the edge.

Tuesday July 29:

 After getting a glimpse of what she believes to be a close moment between Silas and Nina, Sam thinks he has moved on.

 Ava tries to convince Franco to give her the recording.

 Mickey discovers the truth about Jordan and is determined to bring her down.

Wednesday July 30:

 WWE star David Otunga guest stars as himself.

 Julian confides in Jordan about who was responsible for the explosion.

 Ned overhears Tracy talk to Luke about the ailing Alice.

Thursday July 31:

 Julian seeks the truth from Luke about the recent explosion but Luke is more interested to know what Ava has on Sonny.

 Britt weighs telling the truth about Spencer to a distraught Nikolas.

 Tracy learns about a possible eleventh hour cure for Alice.

Friday August 1:

 A revelation prompts Sam and Patrick to get the goods on Nina.

 Ava fills Julian in on her latest business deal.

 Julian tells Sonny he knows the truth about AJ.

Coming up!

 Luke/Fluke returns to “General Hospital” in October.

 * Donna Mills reprises her role of Madeline Reeves this summer.

 * WWE star David Otunga will make a cameo appearance as himself on “GH” July 29.

 * Jimmy Deshler has exited his role of Rafe Kovich Jr. Wednesday July 16 when the character was killed off.

 * Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) announced on Twitter last night that she returns to tape scenes on “General Hospital” in 18 days. Anthony Geary (Luke, Fluke) will be out of Port Charles until October. He’s off this year longer than his usual hiatus and during this time will be recuperating from two spinal surgeries.

 * Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady, “Days Of Our Lives”) is joining “General Hospital” as a director according to Soap Opera Digest. More on Sweeney’s directorial debut.

 * “General Hospital” is casting for an African-American man in his mid-30s to early 40s for a contract role beginning in September.


Sweeney to GH. (FayesVision/  * Kimberly McCullough will return as Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake this summer as per the studio. Read more on McCullough’s possible return to General Hospital and peek at her tweet. *Teaser* It looks like Robin and Patrick are headed for divorce court.

 * Rumor has it Billy Miller may be cast as Jason on General Hospital.

 * Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) will be off canvas for the foreseeable future confirms the show due to the character being in the witness protection program.

 * Thaao Penghlis returns to “General Hospital” as Victor Cassadine. Take a look at what the actor tweeted:

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