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Grab the latest ABC Soaps In Depth to find out what happens on GH when Sonny is “haunted” by visions of A.J.! Will the mobster’s hallucinations send him off the deep end? Meanwhile, Luke’s bizarre behavior could be his downfall… or would that be the newly returned Ned? Next, Maura West (Ava) explains why her alter ego is much more than just a bad girl!  Finally, see how Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer) spends his day when he’s not stealing scenes on GH! Plus, we have teasers and tidbits from Y&R, B&B and DAYS, all in the new GH-tastic Soaps In Depth, on sale now!

The “Other” Falconeri Baby?

The “Other” Falconeri Baby?

"By the time I’m through, I won’t be the villain of this story; I’ll be the hero." Oh, that Liesl Obrecht knows how to connive her way out of corners with style, doesn’t she? The GENERAL HOSPITAL baddie had a master plan to evade prison and it was a whopper! Late, late into the night, Dante and Lulu were bringing baby Ben home for the first time to his new home. When they opened the door, Olivia jumped up with gigantic "welcome home" sign and more energy than the average person has at three in the morning. Rather than put the cutie patootie right to bed, they sat up with him, for a spell and grappled with the issue of whether or not to rename him. Finally, the verdict came in. "Rocco Falconeri," it is.

Just as they were calling it night, Dante’s phone rang. It was Obrecht calling from behind bars, saying she had a statement for him and only him. Against his better judgment, he complied. When he arrived, she instructed him to drop the charges against her because she had something he and his wife desperately wanted. Dante and Lulu had their son back and, as he saw it, they didn’t need anything else. Obrecht smiled confidently and said cryptically, “How about your OTHER child?”

Since learning that Det. Sexypants was the son she gave birth to but gave to her sister, Madeline, when he was an infant, Obrecht was champing at the bit to tell Nathan that she was his mother. Madeline argued that nothing good could come from it, but Obrecht thought of a few practical reasons who he should know the truth. Like, what if Nathan and Britt met, hit it off and then slept together, not knowing they were siblings?

It was almost as if Obrecht had a hidden camera in Nathan’s apartment because that’s pretty much what was playing out at that exact moment! Oh, minus the slept together part. Not that it wasn’t heading in that direction, because it was! They were both drunk and hurting and about to lock lips when Maxie appeared in her jammies. Britt caught her up on the events surrounding Dante and Lulu’s biological son, which made her giddy with happiness. With “the mood” broken, they went to sleep, with Nathan in the bed and Britt on the sofa.

Although it was pushing three a.m., Luke was chatting it up with Sonny, weaving a white lie to cover his tush about a conversation with Ric. Little did he know that the doodie was about to hit the fan because Spencer was telling his father, Nikolas, that he heard his Uncle Luke telling some man (Julian) that “they had to get Uncle Sonny.” How far would Luke go to insure Spencer keeps his mouth shut? We’ll find out soon enough!

Next week on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Dante shares Obrecht’s news with Lulu, Nikolas makes Liz an offer she can’t refuse, and Ned returns to Port Charles. Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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**RUMOR has it Maurice Benard is taking 6mo off..I shall keep you posted

**Connie Towers is back taping as Helena

**Sabrina’s baby gets an ultrasound, Carlos gets arrested and Spencer is in danger

**I still say Luke will turn out to be Bill Eckert

**Sonny and Ava? Oh yes.

**New characters are a coming…even more, Look for a girlie Cassadine soon and possibly Serena

**Nurses’ Ball rehearsals are starting! Raise Your Glass!

**AJ’s funeral is around the 22 or 23rd.

**Victor comes home..and so does Helena

**Sonny also gets a dose of medicine. The bad kind

**Nathan’s father? Think Cassadine

**Carlos’ DNA is tested and he’s arrested

**Ava tries to ease Sonny’s guilt

**Luke and Kiki have a confrontation

**Sonny lashes out at Olivia

**Britt goes home with Nathan

**Let the Liz/Nik/Ric triangle begin!

**Dr. O tries to make a deal with Lante

**Spencer is seen with NotLuke

**Sabrina finds out her baby may be at risk

**Michael asks Anna about AJ’s shooting

**AJ comes back to taunt Sonny in his dreams

**Helena is alive…sooner rather than later

**Jordan proves to be an asset to Ava

**Carlos might derail Ava’s plans

**Someone from the past walks in to surprise Dr.O

Spencer wants to warn Uncle Sonny about the scene he saw with NotLuke in the stables

Patrick and Sabrina find out if it’s a boy or girl

Carlos is questioned by Anna

Michael vows to catch a killer…Sonny’s guilt grows

Nikolas and Ric vie for Liz’ affections

Maxie’s back with “Levi”

Victor will be back

Sonny figures out something is up with Luke

Bobbie comforts Monica, Ned comforts Tracy

Why is Jordan REALLY in Port Charles?

Spencer is in over his head.

Lucas dumps Brad—will Felix be there for him?

Sonny’s sanity will be tested

Wally Kurth tweeted Ned’s back for a cameo (is it AJ’s funeral?)

Ned also tells Tracy he thinks Luke’s acting like someone that they used to know

Who does Bobbie catch almost in the act?

Kevin finds out about Scotty and Lucy

Morgan is suspicious when he sees Ava with Sonny

Felicia tells Scott to back off

We’ll hear more about Victor, and possibly the Jerry connection

RUMOR: Jax is Back!

AND..he brings back a SORA’d Josslyn!

Maxie brings back a fun companion

**RUMOR TWO: WSB saved Faison and he’s in a Scarsdale Freezer too!

Lucas will be asked to join the GH staff—will he take it?

keep YOUR EYES on Luke!

Someone else turns up in the “Barrett Enterprise” puzzle!

gh spoilers

Week of April 14:

Monday April 14:

 Dante tells Lulu about Obrecht’s cryptic proposition.

 Nikolas makes an offer to Elizabeth.

 Madeline is pressed to disclose scandalous news to Nathan.

 Michael demands answers from Anna.

Tuesday April 15:

 Sonny’s conscience is haunting him, while Carlos fears he could be accused of shooting AJ.

 Jordan starts her new job.

 Ava and Julian confront each other about their deeds.

 Ned returns to Port Charles.

Wednesday April 16:

 Olivia is overwhelmed by Sonny’s erratic behavior.

 Patrick and Sabrina learn the gender of their baby.

 Jordan proves her loyalty to her new boss.

 Anna and Dante take Carlos in for questioning.

Thursday April 17:

 Sonny confides in Ava.

 Nathan deals with an obstacle at home.

 Spencer is not happy with news concerning Cameron, his competition.

 Lulu questions Britt about Obrecht’s latest plan.

Friday April 18:

 Spencer tries to warn Sonny about Luke.

 Franco lets Carly in on a new scheme.

 Will Ava get to Carlos before he confesses to the PCPD?

* Thaao Penghlis announced on Twitter that he will be back to play Victor on March 31.

 * Sean Kanan returns to Bold And The Beautiful. More about that within the link.

 * Wally Kurth (“Days Of Our Lives’” Justin) took to Twitter to announce that he would be making his way back to Port Charles as Ned Ashton.

* Update on Kurth’s return as reported below: Wally Kurth will return as Ned April 15. He’ll object to Tracy’s engagement…

 * “General Hospital” is casting for the ongoing and recurring role of a good hearted, rebellious eight-year-old girl. Actresses must be able to deal with a large amount of dialogue, must have light colored hair.

 * Rumor has it that a “General Hospital” actress spilled the beans that Michelle Stafford will be headed to the show as Nina.

Sneak Peek: Week of April 14th

This week on General Hospital, AJ’s murder investigation heats up and an exciting announcement is made.
This week, Sabrina and Patrick find out the sex of their baby!
Obrecht has a proposition for Dante and Lulu.
Who ends up taking the fall for AJ’s murder?
Liz & Nik make a decision about their relationship.
Maxie has an announcement for Nathan.
Someone overhears Luke’s plan to take down Sonny.

Man of the Month: Silas Clay

Although we love Richard and he is truly the man of the year, every year, he was not in our poll. Did we fool you? Ok, now it’s time to announce who you voted as your man of the month. Silas Clay! Silas has had quite the month on General Hospital. Between being investigated in his late wife’s murder and romancing Sam Morgan he has had little time for anything else. We adore Dr. Clay and can’t wait to see more. Enjoy the video and be sure to read our interview with Michael Easton below!

We caught up with Michael Easton and had some questions about his steamy romance with Kelly Monaco (Sam). You and Sam are a fan favorite couple, earning the name “Siam.” Why do you think people love you two together so much?

I attribute it all to the lovely Kelly Monaco.

What is your favorite part about playing Dr. Silas Clay? See the last four words above…

How do you prepare for such steamy love scenes? I brush my teeth twice.

Any words for your fans? Thank you for being there.


GH: A Changed Man

Rumorville:  Ric is Liz’s date to the Nurses’ Ball.

Felicia steps in to help Lucy with her numerous costume changes during the Ball.

Lucy may succeed in her attempts to get Scott and Bobbie to date.

Morgan leans on Serena after Sonny and Ava get together.

"Luke" injects Sonny with the same medication that Madeline used on Nina, which causes Sonny to become comatose.

With the resources of Sonny’s mob under her control, Ava wages a war on Julian’s organization.

(Recast) Jason returns to Port Charles, a changed man in many ways. Supposedly, he now has memories of both Jason Morgan and his past as Jason Quartermaine (but they are all mixed up).  Look for rage and out of control emotions similar to what we saw after his initial brain injury years ago - making for a colder and lethal combination - to be on full display.  He will be lashing out at everyone. Although both Michael and Monica hope to help him regain control, Monica wants to ensure that Jason Quartermaine returns for good—especially now that Sonny is out of the picture.

This “Luke” is not receptive to Helena’s schemes.

When a recast Dillon returns to town, he is stunned to find his father, Paul Hornsby in Port Charles.

April Showers, Bring May Flowers

Rumorville:  Britt tries to rebuild her life, the question will be if Nikolas is ready to move on from her.

Morgan and Serena have a one night stand which is likely to lead to much more.

Looks like “Luke” will performing at the Nurses Ball this year (a solo number); Ned will be performing as well, Sam is doing a couples dance (it may be with a non-GH actor), Kiki singing, Emma dances The Tango with Cam.

Group dance numbers (other than intro): “Raise Your Glass”, “Just Can’t Get Enough”, “Broken Hearted”.

Despite Ned’s misgivings, Tracy goes ahead with her wedding to “Luke”. Ned begins to investigate to see if Bill Eckert is really dead.

Looks like Paul Hornsby will be showing up. He will be involved in scenes surrounding “Luke” and most likely Jenny Eckert and Julia Barrett as well.

Sabrina decides to leave town and head to Puerto Rico, convinced that Patrick is not interested in their child. (She will be back.)

Liz will get some sweet loving on the night of the Nurses Ball. Who is the fortunate man?

Ava and Sonny begin to bond. Look for them to make love in May.

Looks like “Luke” makes a move that could put Sonny in a coma; and Julian will stand accused.

With Sonny out of commission, Ava will take over the reins of his organization. Don’t look for her and Julian to be on the same side.

Patrick is devastated when he receives a message from Robin.

Robin has information for Anna who in turn will leave town to help someone she cares about who is in trouble (possibly Robert).

(Both Maurice Benard and Finola Hughes are said to be taking some time off from GH this summer.)

The UNfrozen will begin to slowly return, among them Helena Cassadine who will set about causing problems.

There is a recast on the way with a known (and well liked) actor (most likely the character of Jason Morgan).

When Jason returns, he will be colder and more lethal.

The issue of bone marrow for Danny may be revisited.